Guest Experience



Guest Experience

Efficient and smooth hospitality & advance planning result in a better guest experience.

Content Management

Maintain control over your content and update it in real-time across all platforms.

Guest Management System

It’s always about the guest experience in hospitality. All workers to be more efficient in their work to increase the guest experience! 

Real Time Data Analytics

Over 100+ hotel management system reports are accessible with Ezyinn PMS to assist you in examining your hotel’s overall performance and growth.

Content Management

Ezyinn PMS offers a website administration solution that links with Facebook and enables content modification. It contains a facility for visitor reviews, commission administration, sales and marketing, and payment processing. A user can select an appropriate subscription package based on the number of accommodations. While your CMS will be the backbone of your small hotel’s website, it’s vital that you identify all of the features you require, guaranteeing that it’s capable of assisting you in selling out your rooms online.

Guest Management

Ezyinn property management system (PMS) automates a variety of everyday chores that are traditionally undertaken by employees, such as night audits, reservation administration, and so forth. Because the team is no longer responsible for these back-end procedures, they can focus on what they do best: looking after the visitors. Guests enjoy timely service from a property’s workers. Using technology like push messaging, you may reach out to your guests at any point with tailored offers. 

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Real Time & Data Analytics

This vital hotel management system report provides daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, and annual reports that provide historical data on your property’s previous performance. You may review them and generate precise estimates based on market demand, occupancy, and season, among other criteria; hotel revenue report enables you to know department-wise daily reports. Our property management technology manages everything from bookkeeping to cost-effective compliance.

Guest Experience

The PMS Software, or Hotel Management System, has brought together the different units of a hotel into a clean, structured stack from which they can all be watched and managed on a single screen. While technology has helped hotels enhance efficiency and profits, it has also improved the guest experience, resulting in a closer hotel-guest relationship. Guest Management System can streamline and simplify a variety of critical hotel activities, allowing all personnel to work more efficiently and consequently improve the visitor experience! 

Frequently Asked Questions about Features

What can we do to assist you?

No limitations; the more, the better! Our interests are totally aligned. We are here to support you 24 hours a day & 7 Days a week.

Contact us by phone or email, and one of our employees will set you up and get you ready to go. 

You can also get started by participating in a free demonstration. It will assist you in learning Ezyinn PMS essential features and answering any questions you may have.

Self-learning Ezyinn is a breeze. We have a number of how-to videos, each approximately a minute long, to help you get started with Frontdesk.

There is a ready online support system that is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to assist the Hotel workers with any project. Clicking on the ‘Support’ button brings up a trained associate who is already on the same page as you, saving you the time and effort of explaining. The skilled technicians provide real-time guidance and walk you through the task precisely as if they were doing it for you.

No! The monthly membership option includes support.

While Ezyinn is a simple to use system that may also be self-taught, we do provide a head start through personalized training and guidance. 

We can develop unique training program to match your demands for US $350 per day, and this training is provided by audio and video over the internet. We may also organize training at your hotel for a price of US$ 500 per day, with the hotel covering the costs of travel and lodging.

Elevate every aspect of your Hotel with Ezyinn.


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