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Influence a Smart Front Desk

Front Desk can be managed from a single screen, and you’ll always understand what’s happening.

Tape Chart

Boost your visibility through charts, which helps you concentrate on future updates. 

Front Desk Application

Front desk management software might help you multitask more effectively. 

System Declaration

With a single click, you may edit and update important announcements. 

Hotel Front Desk Software

Ezyinn hotel front desk software allows you to multitask routine tasks like individual, corporate, and other group booking check-ins and check-outs. Send follow-up emails for pending deposits and confirmation emails for upcoming bookings. Daily duties can be automated, and reservations, rooms, and rates can all be managed from a single calendar. Our front desk reduces your workload, allowing you to focus on topics that are more important to you and your visitors. Use Hotel Front Desk Software to manage multiple bookings without problems and save time.

Tape Chart

It’s a visual representation of reservations in your PMS Software that have already been assigned room numbers. Tape diagrams are visual representations that use rectangles to depict the portions of a ratio. The tape chart displays real-time availability, bookings, room status, and more in a graphical format. The tape chart also allows users to manage reservations directly from the calendar in current systems like Ezyinn PMS. Tap charts simplify complex mathematical word problems by breaking them down. They’re usually shown as a strip or a piece of tape. 

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System Declaration

Forever, say goodbye to complicated administration, manual errors, and stacks of paperwork. By using Ezyinn’s cloud-based Front desk management software, you can make announcements, give tasks to team members, and even set reminders. Your remote offices may operate in real-time with you at the front desk, from anywhere, on any device. The Ezyinn Hotel Property Management System (PMS) allows you to administer your entire hotel with just a basic Internet connection. By using Ezyinn cloud-based PMS, your distant offices can work in real-time with you at the front desk to coordinate all of their tasks.

Contactless Check-in

Guests sign a digital guest agreement prior to arrival, consenting to the terms and conditions of their stay. Self-check-in instructions can be automatically delivered to the guest after a completed agreement is submitted, and the completed agreement can be automatically attached to the reservation folio for easy reference. Guests can sign check-in receipts or registration cards using an electronic signature capture device such as a tablet or smartphone using our paperless check-in service. 

Frequently Asked Questions about Features

What can we do to assist you?

No limitations! The more, the better! Our interests are totally aligned. We are here to support you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Contact us by phone or email, and one of our employees will set you up and get you ready to go. 

You can also get started by participating in a free demonstration. It will assist you in learning Ezyinn’s essential features and answer any questions you may have. 

Self-learning Ezyinn is a breeze. We have a number of how-to videos, each approximately a minute long, to help you get started with Frontdesk.

There is a ready online support system that is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to assist the hotel workers with any project. Clicking on the “Support” button brings up a trained associate who is already on the same page as you, saving you the time and effort of explaining. The skilled technicians provide real-time guidance and walk you through the task precisely as if they were doing it for you.

No way! The monthly membership option includes support.

While Ezyinn is a simple-to-use system that may also be self-taught, we do provide a head start through personalized training and guidance. 

We can develop a unique training program to match your demands for US $350 per day, and this training is provided by audio and video over the internet. We may also organize training at your hotel for a price of US $500 per day, with the hotel covering the costs of travel and lodging.

Elevate every aspect of your property with Ezyinn.


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