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Streamline Housekeeping Software

One-click Housekeeping Software, Smooth & Efficient.

Effortless Housekeeping

Assign tasks and send personalized messages to your hotel housekeeping staff using our hotel housekeeping software.

Room Maintenance

Allow the system to mark the room as “dirty” or “inspected” during the night audit.

Responsibilities and Duties

For timely completion, maintenance and repair jobs can be logged into the hotel housekeeping software.

Room Maintenance

Bulk updates allow you to quickly and easily take a portion of the hotel down for substantial renovations. Bulk updates allow you to quickly and easily pull a section of the hotel out of service for larger projects. Due to maintenance or improvements, rooms may be unavailable for specified dates, or they may be reserved for in-house usage. They can be identified and managed using the DNR (Do Not Reserve/Release) method. Maintenance consists of 80% precise planning and execution of routine planned maintenance and 20% repair of items that fail during normal operations.

Effortless Housekeeping Software
Streamlined by Ezyinn, The front desk and Hotel housekeeping software are fully connected, leading to enhanced service efficiency and less paperwork. The user-friendly dashboard of our hotel housekeeping software displays the most up-to-date room status information in a neat tabular format. To rapidly execute activities across a room, you use simple point-and-click controls. Consider how a tourist might feel if they could order a service from their room and have it delivered in minutes – all without having to phone reception or the service desk.

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Employee Responsibilities and Duties
Use Ezyinn hotel housekeeping software to assign rooms to housekeeping employees based on blocks/floors or arrange them based on their status to manage the work division. With our smart hotel housekeeping software, you may maintain your roster of housekeeping people without any constraints. Add new staff or remove current ones at any time. If your visitor requires assistance, don’t bother calling your housekeeping crew. Your staff’s devices will be equipped with smart Hotel housekeeping Software technology, allowing them to receive messages about checkouts, service requests, and more. They may take care of their designated rooms without having to worry about the administration interfering.
Night Audits

A hotel or guest house support that is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, must complete a Night Audit.

Guests can check in and out whenever they want and pay their bills in a variety of ways. You may collect critical data with customized guest, company, and travel agent profiles. Export the data to start marketing campaigns. Ezyinn makes the essential formalities for night auditors a snap, minimizing manual labor and offering a clear picture of the day’s transactions.

Frequently Asked Questions about Features

What can we do to assist you?

There are no restrictions; the more, the merrier! Our goals are entirely in sync. We are available to assist you 24 hours a day, seven days a week. 

Contact us by phone or email, and one of our representatives will help you get set up and ready to go. 

You might also begin by taking part in a free demonstration. It will help you understand Ezyinn’s key features and answer any questions you might have.

Ezyinn is simple to learn on your own. To assist you in getting started with Frontdesk, we provide a series of how-to films, each around a minute long. 

A ready online assistance system is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week to assist hotel employees with any work. By selecting the “Support” button, you will be connected to a trained partner who is already on the same page as you, saving you time and effort. The skilled specialists assist you in real time and walk you through the task as if they were doing it for you. 

No!Support is included in the monthly membership option.

While Ezyinn is a basic system that may be self-taught, we do provide you a head start with individualized training and assistance. 

For US $350 per day, we can design a custom training curriculum to meet your needs, which will be delivered by audio and video via the internet. For a price of US$ 500 per day, we can arrange training at your hotel, with the hotel covering the costs of transport and lodging.

Elevate every aspect of your Hotel with Ezyinn.

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