4 Ways Hotel PMS Helps Maximize The Hotel Ownership Experience

Ways Hotel PMS Helps Maximize The Hotel Ownership Experience | Ezyinn PMS

Great hotel technology, including a great hotel PMS, must alleviate the burden of the guest experience by removing obstacles that prevent guests from experiencing exceptional hospitality. But it must also relieve hotel ownership by removing obstacles to building a profitable and sustainable business and realizing the hotel’s unique vision of the ideal guest experience.

This is especially true in a post-pandemic hospitality market in which both occupancy and labour shortages are increasing rapidly. In conclusion, hoteliers require a PMS that is both guest-centric and hotel-centric, can deliver dependable performance and scalability, and promotes efficient operations and increased profitability.

  1. Unburdened Performance and Reliability
    Frequently, the hotel PMS is referred to as the hub of a hotel’s technological ecosystem. It transmits the guest and stays data that drives the rest of a hotel’s technology stack, and like a real heart, it can’t stop working. Any disruption of this data flow could potentially spell disaster for a hotel, causing operations to be disrupted and resulting in negative reviews. As a hotelier, your focus should be on the health of your business and the satisfaction of your guests, not on whether your hotel PMS will be operational or capable of meeting your hotel’s dynamic data requirements.
  1. A Hotel PMS That Naturally Scales with Your Business
    Your ideal service standard should never be hindered by technology, nor should your business. Legacy on-premises hotel PMS systems charged hotels for system upgrades and access to “proprietary” integrations, impeding their ability to adapt to the rapid pace of technology or the hospitality industry. And because their PMS ran on a physical server on-site, adding new properties was challenging, costly, and fraught with technical errors.
    Once online, our hotel PMS provides comprehensive management of multiple properties, including central configuration, CRO, rate management, guest profile management, and multi-property reporting.
  1. Transforms Your Hotel PMS From a Cost Center To Revenue Generator
    A native hotel PMS requires no maintenance or upkeep costs for on-site servers and no additional costs for upgrades and integrations, in contrast to legacy PMS systems. A hotel PMS can send fully automated and targeted offers for room upgrades, amenities, loyalty benefits, and monetized early check-in/late check-out directly to your guests’ smartphones, allowing you to earn valuable ancillary revenue while your guests customize their stay. Targeted mobile messaging can have a significant impact on your bottom line and can make your PMS self-sustaining.
  1. Enables Your Employees to Deliver The Best Service Possible
    Your hotel PMS should empower your employees to provide outstanding and engaging service, not impede them. This is especially true in a post-pandemic climate characterized by increased travel and a persistent labour shortage. A hotel PMS can liberate your staff from the front desk, enabling them to interact with guests anywhere within the hotel. Our PMS also automates several common administrative tasks, such as room assignment, bulk check-in, payment collection, and reports, allowing your staff to focus on interacting with guests rather than their screens.


Best hotel PMS improves workplace efficiency and clarity. Transparency boosts employee and guest satisfaction, boosting profits and business stability. Ezyinn is a hotel property management software (PMS) offering many solutions to streamline hotel housekeeping operations. Contact us at (408) 715-3635.


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