6 Benefits Of Using Cloud Based Hotel Management Software

Benefits Of Using Cloud Based Hotel Management Software | Ezyinn PMS

Let’s say an hotelier is constantly on the move and traveling between countries to inspect his hotels; he must also remain abreast of all activities occurring at each of his hotels. However, he finds the process cumbersome due to the fact that all of his hotels utilize desktop-based hotel management software solutions that store data locally on the hotel server. Result? He must rely on his staff to send him each hotel’s daily operations and statistics.

Wouldn’t it be simpler if hotels had a cloud-based system or a PMS? Globally, cloud-based property management software is gaining popularity because they offer hotel owners multiple advantages for managing day-to-day activities efficiently. To remain competitive in the constantly competitive hospitality industry, one must be technologically savvy and utilize the best hotel management software. If you require additional justifications to switch from desktop-based hotel management software to a cloud-based platform, continue reading to make the best choice.

What Are The Benefits Of Using Cloud Based Hotel Management Software?

  1. Manage your hotel on the go with 24*7 access
    Cloud-based hotel management software enables remote management and execution of operational tasks, unlike traditional systems with their restricted access. Reservations, check-ins, report generation, checkouts, and other hotel-related tasks typically require physical presence. Using a cloud-based system, on the other hand, grants you access anytime, anywhere, and ensures the efficient management of all your operations.
  1. Reduced ownership costs
    Locally hosted hotel management software is bound to incur additional costs, such as extra manpower, additional space for the server, costly software updates, license fees, and workforce training expenses. Each of these will incur expenses. Cloud-based hotel automation software with a one-time set-up fee, no dedicated IT infrastructure, easier staff training, and no dedicated staffing requirements will drastically reduce your operational expenses.
  1. Increased security
    Using a next-generation PMS ensures the safety and security of your customers’ data; after all, hundreds of people rely on you not only for service but also for data security. Frequent security checks and upgrades are performed with no manual intervention required. Even if your hardware fails, your data will remain secure.
  1. Centralized reservation system
    It is time to abandon the more archaic booking systems. If you haven’t upgraded yet, it’s time to switch to Ezyinn’s centralized reservation desk. A cloud-based system enables real-time monitoring of all sold and unsold inventory, regardless of the booking source.
  1. Increased productivity
    Time is most certainly money. And the longer it takes to train your employees and install desktop-based software, the greater the impact on your company’s bottom line. Ezyinn is an intuitive, cloud-based hotel management system that is incredibly simple to learn. Either a new or seasoned employee can learn the software quickly and efficiently.
  1. Inventory management and tracking
    The interface of Ezyinn’s cloud-based hotel management software allows Offline OTAs to monitor the actual inventory status of their client hotels. The software) maintains an accurate inventory count regardless of the number of client accesses. You can view the current status of your inventory, organized by category and room number. After all, you wouldn’t want to mix up your guests’ room assignments!


As hoteliers realize the advantages of switching to cloud-based hotel management software, cloud computing is becoming an increasingly popular choice. And if you have not yet made the switch, you may be depriving your hotel of healthy profit margins. Switch to Ezyinn to maximize your hotel experience. Contact us at (408) 715-3635.


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