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A PMS is a piece of software that helps businesses keep track of their reservations, guests, and financial arrangements. It is often used in hotels, but it can also be used in vacation homes, dormitories, and bed and breakfast establishments. A good hotel PMS system can save you both money and time by automating tasks like booking, visitor check-in/check-out, and bookkeeping. It will also tell you important things about your business. Like which types of rooms sell the most or which amenities your guests use the most.

There are many things to think about when making a choice, and some are more important than others. Here are some things to think about when buying a new PMS:

  1. Legacy PMS vs. Cloud Based PMS
    When you compare PMS software, the biggest difference is between legacy and cloud based. Even though the results are the same, each type of software has its advantages and disadvantages.
  • Legacy PMS – Before cloud based solutions were made, legacy PMSs were required to run on a server, which was the sole way to get the software to work. PMS software from the past connects to the property pcs through a server or multiple servers. This implies that to use a legacy PMS, all computer systems must be connected to an Ethernet cable. This means that on-site staff can’t use the PMS software while they’re moving around the property. If you have more than one property, each one will need its server.
  • Cloud Based PMS – The mobility of cloud PMS is an attractive feature for hotels. In general, cloud based hotel management software is more efficient and less time-consuming to set up. This PMS may be more expensive to implement initially but ultimately ends up saving hotels money in the long term due to the reduced need for expert maintenance.
  1. Mobile-Friendly PMS
    Although a cloud PMS allows you the flexibility to manage your property from any location, it’s crucial to make sure the system you select is also mobile-optimized. This implies that you will be able to use your mobile device to access and manage every feature of your property management system. We always have our phones with us, thus it is crucial to use this for hotel functionality. You can check visitor information, make reservations, and run reports using a mobile-optimized PMS, all from the convenience of your hand.
  1. Simple to Use
    When looking for a new PMS, you should search for one that has a high touch/graphic customer experience, can be used by both beginners and experts and requires as little training as possible. A system that is easy to understand and use, doesn’t need a lot of training and doesn’t have the frustrations, mistakes, and extra costs that come with more complicated solutions will help employees get on with their jobs and focus on what’s most important: the guest.
  1. Customer Service
    If there is something wrong with your PMS, it’s important to be able to get help from customer support quickly. Look for a PMS that has a live conversation and email support as well as customer service that is available 24/7 hours a day. You must also be able to find a lot of information online, such as frequently asked questions, user guides, and video tutorials.

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