Choosing the Right Hotel PMS: Essential Tips to Keep in Mind

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A property management system (PMS) is a piece of software that makes it easier for a hotel to handle administrative and reservation tasks. Front-desk processes, bookings, service operations, room service, rate and occupancy management, and payment services are some of the most important tasks. Even though PMS software is mostly used to manage reservations and finances, it may also be able to help you manage housekeeping and human resources.

Each PMS has different basic features and modules, therefore it depends on the hotel’s size and nature. Most property management systems may be adapted for various kinds of hotels and supplemented with business-specific features. Consider these while choosing Hotel PMS:

  • Check the options for integrating – If a hotel already has systems in place or plans to add more software, make sure your vendor supports all the required APIs and is prepared to provide integration services. If not, you could hire an outside technical consultant to help with integration.
  • Think about a mobile-friendly cloud-based service – In most cases, cloud-based services can save their owners money compared to purchasing and installing the software on their own servers. Customers of cloud services pay a monthly or annual subscription cost that is scaled to the number of hotel rooms and the number of modules required. Cloud-based software also has improved integration with OTAs and GDSs, among others.
  • Make accessibility a top priority – Your staff’s learning curve will be affected by the system’s user experience (UX). Training and reorienting employees takes more time if the interface is difficult to use.
  • Consider the level of customization provided by a service – PMS needs may fluctuate according to the amount and type of property. For example, if you require a bed-based management solution rather than a room-based management system within the front-office module, ensure that the PMS supplier can deliver this level of customization.
  • Check out the customer service – Software problems can be caused by anything, but they can’t affect how the hotel works. Hotel owners need technical support around the clock. Look for reviews of customer support from other hoteliers when choosing a PMS, or start negotiating all support terms in detail with your vendor, to make sure that every software outage won’t have a big effect on your business.
  • Make a profit and cost analysis – Determine your budget before deciding between updating an existing system, creating a new one from scratch, or purchasing a pre made product. The success of the PMS depends on paying attention to the following details:
  1. Automation’s impact on present workloads and potential time savings
  2. Income and distribution shifts
  3. The price of setting up and maintaining the system.

Numerous companies offer both ready-made PMSs and the ability to have their software tailored to specific needs. To increase their marketability, major suppliers add features to and tweak the standard PMSs so that they may be utilized by a wider variety of properties.


Selecting a hotel property management system may be confusing. Before picking hotel management software, consider these tips. Leading hotel management software Ezyinn offers many alternatives. Call (408) 715-3635 for more information.


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