Essential Features of a Hotel’s PMS Software

Primary Functions And Characteristics Of PMS | Ezyinn PMS

The ultimate purpose of a PMS Software is to consolidate data from every department in the hotel for unified control autonomously, enhanced decision-making, and paperless operations. Its primary characteristic is software integration (or interfacing) with external third-party systems, such as processors of payments or revenue administrators.

Primary Functions And Characteristics Of PMS Software

Here are some of the most essential features a hotel’s Property Management System must possess:

  • Reservations & Front Desk – It enables hotels to accept and administer online bookings without requiring manual input. This is a fundamental component of any Hotel Management System, and it typically functions in tandem with the website’s Booking Engine and other sales channels. It contains vital information regarding your room inventory, pricing, and occupancy.
    The Reservation interface was designed to facilitate the collection of payments and the automatic scheduling of new reservations in the calendar. It also enables property administrators to view and modify room status, check visitors checking in and out (via an app or a self-service kiosk), and send automatic approval or follow-up emails.
  • CRM and guest administration – It enables the collection and storage of all guest information. It allows you to personalize a guest’s stay by storing their personal information, contact information, and sensitivities. A well-organized customer database can help you enhance your marketing strategies and target specific categories of guests with special offers. This component of the entire system must seamlessly link with your hotel’s Front Desk and Booking system to collect data without requiring additional effort.
  • Staff Management – Software enables you to grant employees varying levels of system access based on their position. For instance, you can set up some rights for your Front Desk assistant or restrict the access of your housekeeping staff to the list of tasks and work chat. In addition, this component will assist you in organizing schedules, assigning tasks to teams, and creating automatic tasks related to a guest’s order.
  • Accounting And Billing Feature – It makes it simpler for both hotel owners and workers to handle money. it helps with keeping the books in a tax-compliant way, making invoices, managing payments, and keeping track of key financial success indicators. this software can make it easier to track income and convert more guests.
  • Mobile Application – A big benefit for a hotel business is a native mobile app that works with all parts of the PMS. Based on what big hotel groups have learned, it can make a big difference to how guests enjoy their stay. Online check-in takes less than a minute, and you can book and pay for any service. This makes it much easier to give first-rate service. Also, an app that works with more than one language makes foreign guests feel much more at ease. This is because there are no language obstacles, so they can fully enjoy all the benefits.

If you are interested in learning more about how cloud-based hotel software can benefit your business, contact us Ezyinn At (408) 715-3635. We would be happy to discuss our cloud-based PMS software with you and answer any questions you may have.


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