What To Consider When Selecting A New Cloud-Based Hotel PMS

Selecting A New Cloud-Based Hotel PMS | Ezyinn PMS

Today’s hotel operators are busier than ever, and many struggles with insufficient time or personnel to manage operations in this new environment. In response to hoteliers’ requests for greater mobility for remote staff, on-the-go users, and guest self-service environments, an increasing number of establishments are taking control of their properties via Web browser-based systems. These hotel PMS allow operators to control their properties from anywhere and on a variety of devices, which has become a necessity due to labor shortages and the rising demand for operational flexibility.

What Features to Look for In a Hotel PMS?

  1. Seek Out the Right Suite of Tools
    Every hotel operator is looking for ways to improve efficiency and agility, so the PMS’s tools must be sufficient to do their job. Independent hoteliers must take this step due to the wide variety of requirements within these property groups. While smaller or less complex hotels and resorts may be satisfied with a PMS that offers a moderate level of pricing controls and simpler module or integration choices, a larger and full service or mixed-use and complex property may want interdepartmental and cross-property staff communications, guest instant and self-serve tools, advanced rate and yield management and reputation management, and an all-in-one multi-module approach to managing it all.
  1. Determine the Availability
    Cloud computing is not always associated with web browser-based hotel operations systems. Browser-based functionality is available on-premises. This strategy is useful for hotels in remote locations with limited internet connectivity, smaller hotels wanting to deploy on their own property-managed server, or a property group that has its own infrastructure to manage its own private cloud but wants the best of both worlds.
    Hotels that install on-premises or self-host browser-based systems with flexible deployment options get the same capabilities and operations controls as vendor cloud-hosted systems, sometimes even more. With cloud computing, not all PMS providers offer this functionality. Check with your hotel PMS provider to see if on-premises or self-hosted Web browser-based PMS controls are available for your property and how they can be implemented most efficiently to meet company-wide needs.
  1. Direct Assistance Through Onboarding
    It is essential to find a provider who co-manages the onboarding process and walks you through each step to meet milestones. Exciting and welcome, the transition to a new hotel PMS is not for the faint of heart. For optimal results, you must be able to rely on your vendor to collaborate closely with your team on each project, including taking responsibility for delivering best practice recommendations and custom configurations of the entire on-property system.
    Most top-tier vendors will also provide numerous other services, such as data entry management, design of guest-facing forms, preparation of staff teams for the transition, and client services in all aspects of the project, such as third-party interface coordination, web booking engine turnkey setup and hosting, and live training if desired. These services should be identified as part of the initial investment in order to prevent “unknown variables” from being overlooked.


Ezyinn is a cloud-based hotel property management system designed specifically for small hotels. With hotel PMS Ezyinn, you can manage your hotel’s operations from one easy-to-use platform. Ezyinn includes everything you need to run your small hotel, including reservation management, guest check-in/check-out, and housekeeping management. Ezyinn integrates with popular third-party applications like Google Calendar to keep your hotel’s data in one place.

If you’re looking for a hotel PMS to help you save time and money, contact us today at (408) 715-3635 to learn more about Ezyinn.


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