Why Independent Hotels Are Investing In Hotel PMS?

Investing In Hotel PMS | Ezyinn PMS

Since online travel agencies reshaped the hospitality industry, independent hotels have experienced significant growth. Independents can, for the most part, rely solely on distribution channels to build their brand because, unlike hotel chains, they do not have a large marketing budget to build their brand in the eyes of the general public. However, independents are so resourceful that they have contributed to the success of established brands with the help of hotel PMS.

Hotel PMS Manages Distribution for Hotels

Distribution management can be time-consuming, and the strategy behind it must constantly evolve for rates to remain competitive, which is why an integrated distribution channel can detect changes in the current market and incorporate them into its daily rate update.

If the hotel’s entire inventory is listed for distribution, the channel manager will effectively register any inventory changes, regardless of where they originated, and update it across all channels with the help of hotel PMS. Late cancellations are relisted automatically, allowing the hotel to maximize its revenue potential.

By preventing overbooking, independent hospitality providers allow their establishments to appear more exclusive, thereby increasing their value in the hospitality industry.

An Independent Hotel PMS Increases Upsell Potential

All hoteliers seek to increase the lifetime value of their guests, but upselling is a volatile practice. Some guests dislike being approached with an offer, even if they will benefit from it.

A hospitality solution, such as a hotel PMS, would enable hoteliers to upsell their property in a more subtle and natural manner. This is a more natural method of upselling because guests feel more at ease when shopping online, where they are not put on the spot to make a purchase.

A hotel PMS enables guests to personalize their stay by submitting requests for the staff to receive and fulfil upon their arrival. Thanks to the use of tools such as the hotel app, independent hotels have positioned themselves as luxury accommodations. Using only this tool, they can easily accommodate requests and increase customer loyalty and return on investment.

Hotel PMS Improves Communication

The most underrated benefit of a hotel PMS is its capacity to open new communication channels with guests. For instance, managing the events of your guests can be accomplished using an event management tool that allows both the event planner and the guest to keep track of how far along they are in preparations for the event, as well as the cost.

A hotel reservations system, on the other hand, will enhance hotel customer service by enabling staff to peruse their descriptive hotel PMS inventory while attempting to accommodate specific booking requests from guests.

While hotel PMS is constantly expanding to include a broader range of capabilities, independent hoteliers are not wasting any time implementing them in order to maintain their position of exclusivity.


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