3 Tips For Migrating Your Hotel Management Software

Tips For Migrating Your Hotel Management Software | Ezyinn PMS

It is time to replace your hotel management software. But now that you’ve decided to switch to a new PMS, the reality of migrating your system is set in, and the pressure is increasing. Migrating your hotel management software can be intimidating and time-consuming, especially if your hotel PMS manages multiple properties. With these tips, however, you can transition to a new hotel management software more easily.

Important Tips for The Migration Of Hotel Management Software

  1. Plan A Pre-Migration Clean-Up
    Consider migrating your PMS to resemble relocating a row of hotel rooms to a new floor. Before asking the movers to transport the furniture into the new suite, you would ensure the room is clean and have a plan for which items will be moved first and where they will be placed.
    You would not allow the movers to enter a recently occupied room with sheets and pillows scattered about. The same holds true for your hotel management software. Before transitioning your PMS, cleaning up some of your data lays a solid foundation for a smooth transition.
    It is also necessary to determine where your old data will go once it has been purged; otherwise, the movers may place your items in the wrong location.
    Before migrating your data, you should organize and configure it. First, create a diagram of all your tools and list their specific functions. So that things don’t get lost in the shuffle, assign your team the task of cleaning up disorganized customer data, such as adding naming conventions.
  1. Set A Realistic Migration Timeline
    Everyone must understand how long the migration will take. Back to our room relocation analogy: you wouldn’t want to tell the movers the job will take two days only to find out it will take five, nor would you want to allow guests to book a room in a new section of your hotel until you are certain the rooms are ready for occupancy. The same holds true for your hotel management system.
    Because every hotel management software is unique, there is no average migration timeline, making it difficult to estimate without speaking directly with your new provider. The duration of the transition depends on the complexity of your current system and the turnaround time of the migration to your new hotel management software. It is also indicative of the migration capabilities of each additional hotel management tool you possess.
  1. Test Run the PMS Ahead of Time
    You can read about a property management tool online all day, but using hotel management software is an entirely different experience. Prior to committing to a new PMS, it is crucial to explore its inner workings and functionality.
    Attend, at minimum, a comprehensive customized demonstration that explains how the product will meet your specific requirements. Demonstrations are an effective way to experience the features that make hotel management software an indispensable solution for hospitality management.


You may have two or three hotel property management systems from which to choose. However, before making any decisions, you should investigate new and emerging technology trends within your industry to ensure your chosen hotel management software is compatible. Ezyinn is a leading hotel management software offering a wide range of solutions to streamline hotel housekeeping operations. Contact us at (408) 715-3635.


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