5 Ways Hotel PMS Can Be Used To Provide Better Customer Service

Better Customer Service With Ezyinn Hotel PMS

Technology has altered the way in which we travel. Today’s travellers, regardless of generation, carry and use mobile devices, and they desire convenience, automation of nearly everything, and an experience tailored to them. Not too much, right? With the hotel PMS, it is possible to provide superior customer service. Here are five examples:

  1. Serve Guests More Efficiently
    Well-executed operational functions are a significant factor in determining whether a guest’s stay meets their expectations and if they check out satisfied. The proper technology can augment your staff, allowing you to implement a comprehensive guest-centric strategy. With a cloud-based hotel PMS, hoteliers have the flexibility to remotely manage hotel services and operations. Staff is permitted to move freely throughout the hotel to serve guests directly, resulting in increased face-to-face time and a better overall guest experience.
  1. Allows Guests to Help Themselves
    They are more hands-on, desire self-sufficiency, and want greater control over their stay. With the right hotel PMS, guests can complete the registration process remotely, self-check-in, access their room, track their expenses, and settle their bills, in addition to a variety of other services, such as making a reservation at your hotel restaurant or spa appointment. Self-service options do not replace the traditional customer service provided by your staff; instead, they satisfy an expanded definition of customer service based on the conveniences of the instant gratification economy.
  1. Guestroom Automation
    In-room automation has the potential to elevate guest room service independently while also giving guests the freedom to create their own environment – for example, by controlling room temperature, lighting, access to streaming services such as Netflix or Hulu, music streaming services, etc. Likewise, automation enables the automation of mundane operational tasks. Staff no longer spend time manually inputting information or performing tedious, repetitive tasks, which not only reduces manual errors but also enables your hotel to devote more time to creating a positive experience for guests, thereby enhancing customer service.
  1. Enhances Communication
    Approximately 5 billion people use messaging as their primary mode of communication. Regardless of the service, most of us are completely dependent on messaging in both our personal and professional lives. It’s, therefore, not surprising that guests report significantly higher satisfaction ratings when communicating with their hotel via instant or direct messaging channels. Modern travellers expect their hotel stay to be tailored to their evolving needs, such as the desire to communicate on their own terms.
  1. Facilitates Personalization
    Personalization is crucial to making your guests feel appreciated. Using the appropriate hotel PMS and software, hoteliers can track, record, and compile relevant guest stay information, including service purchases, amenity usage, frequently visited locations, food and music preferences, and even pillow preferences. Using this information effectively, hoteliers can anticipate the needs of their guests and provide more personalized service, thereby enhancing the overall customer service experience.


Ezyinn is a hotel PMS packed with features to help hotels improve their guest experience and increase revenue. If you’re looking for a cloud PMS solution to help your hotel deliver an exceptional guest experience, don’t hesitate to contact us at (408) 715-3635.


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