Hoteliers Struggle To Find Enough Staff, But Technology Can Help.

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The hospitality business is flourishing, but a workforce shortage is endangering its future expansion and Hoteliers Struggle with the management. According to a Cornell University study, hoteliers will need to fill 1.5 million jobs over the next decade. Still, only half a million people in the workforce now have the skills to fill those positions.

To bridge the gap, hoteliers are turning to technology. Robotics and artificial intelligence are being utilized in hotels worldwide to manage chores like cleaning, room service, and guest check-in.

In the hotel industry, there is a labor shortage.

Hoteliers Struggle and they are experiencing a severe labor shortage, immediately impacting its growth. The battle against staff shortages is never-ending. From the front desk to housekeeping, no one can locate enough personnel to meet the industry’s strong demand. While there are various reasons for the labor shortage, one of the most common is that individuals do not want to work long hours for low pay.

The biggest issue is that there aren’t enough people interested in doing this type of work. Hotel occupations are frequently regarded as low-paying, filthy, and demanding. Furthermore, many young individuals prefer to work in the service business rather than in hotels. In 2020, the number of hotel positions was predicted to expand by around 2 million, but there will be a labor shortage of nearly 1.5 million workers. The shifting demographics of the US population are causing this deficit. With a decrease in the percentage of persons in the workforce and a rise in retirement age.

In the hotel industry, there is a severe labor shortage. It has generated issues for the sector, and things are just going to worsen. Hotels are currently exploring solutions to this issue. Property Management Software can help with this.

How can a property management system (PMS) help with a staffing deficit at a hotel?

For years, PMS has been assisting the hotel industry with the issue of personnel shortages. Hotel management can quickly establish and manage shift schedules with PMS.

How do you select a property management system (PMS) for your hotel?

There are numerous aspects to consider while selecting property management software. The most important thing is to locate software that meets your company’s specific requirements. The following are some topics to think about:

  • The software’s features
  • Its price
  • Its simplicity of use
  • How effectively does it combine with other programmes you use?

Try out the software for yourself once you’ve narrowed down your choices. Make sure it’s simple to use and includes all of the functionality you require.

EZYINN has several features to offer.

Ezyinn is a cloud-based property management system that can assist you with property management (motels & hotels). At Ezyinn, we provide various services that can help you manage your hotel in a systematic but straightforward manner. Our programme will relieve you of the myriad difficulties with property management, allowing you to focus on other unavoidable tasks.

The following functionalities are available through Ezyinn :

  • Management of the hotel’s property, rates, and the guest’s experience
  • Take Control of Your Online Reputation
  • Streamline Housekeeping with a Smart Front Desk.
  • Technical Support is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Visit our website at EZYINN to learn more about our features. You can also contact us (408) 715-3635 to schedule a free consultation.


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