How to Increase Hotel Occupancy Rate Using a Property Management System?

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The hotel occupancy rate is the number of sold rooms as a percentage of the total number of rooms. Hotels work hard to get more people to stay there. It’s essential because it significantly affects how much money the hotel makes. Money comes into a hotel when people visit there, and if the rate is low, it can be challenging for the hotel to make money.

Everyone knows that the hospitality business is constantly changing and is very competitive. Hotels need to use current technologies to improve their processes and make customers happier if they want to keep up. Using a property management system is one way to do this (PMS). A PMS can help hotel owners keep track of reservations, rooms, customer information, and more.

Hotel Occupancy Rate

A high occupancy rate means that the hotel is doing well and that most of its rooms are getting used. A low occupancy rate could mean that the hotel isn’t doing well and has a lot of empty spaces.

Many things can affect the occupancy rate, such as

  • The time of year,
  • The hotel’s location,
  • The type of hotel,
  • The price of the rooms, and
  • How much competition there is in the area.

Using a property management system, here are five ways to get more people to stay in a hotel.

PMSs can help significantly boost hotel bookings. With a PMS, you can make it easier for guests to book rooms and make their stay more enjoyable by automating some processes and tasks.

Here are five ways you can use a PMS to get more people to stay at your hotel:

  1. Make the booking process automatic.

Hoteliers use the occupancy rate as an essential KPI. Hotel owners need to focus on automating the booking process in their PMS to get more people to stay at their hotels. Hoteliers can cut the time to make a reservation from minutes to seconds by automating the booking process. It will help hotel owners fill their rooms more quickly and make sure their customers are happy.

  1. Customize guest experiences.

A recent study showed that hotels could make an extra $1.5 million if their occupancy rate increases by just 1 percent. Hotels need to pay attention to the guest experience and tailor it to their needs. Hotels can do just that with the help of Personalized Management Systems (PMS).

PMS lets hotels tailor the experience of their guests to their needs. Offering unique amenities or recommending restaurants, attractions, etc. can do it. The goal is to give each guest a fantastic experience to make them feel important and valued. It will make them more likely to return to the hotel and tell their friends and family about it.

  1. Use data analytics to help with marketing.

Data analytics can get used in many different ways to help with marketing. Data analytics can help you determine which channels bring in the most guests, which marketing campaigns get people to book, and how to use your resources for the most impact.

Data analytics can also learn about the profiles and preferences of guests. With this information, marketing messages can be made more personal, and targeted campaigns that are more likely to reach guests can get made. Data analytics can also help track how healthy marketing campaigns can be effective over time.

  1. Improve comfort.

Hotels want to make more money and attract more guests. There are many ways to do this, but one of the best is to add more amenities to your PMS. It could be anything from getting room service to getting spa treatments in your room.

If you can give your guests everything they need in their room, they are much more likely to stay at your hotel instead of going somewhere else. More people staying at your hotel means more money for you.

  1. Makes things easier to do.

Making the PMS work better is essential to get more people to stay at a hotel. Automating tasks and making easy-to-understand workflows can do it. Also, it’s necessary to use a PMS in the cloud, and it can get accessed from anywhere. By doing this, hotel staff will be better able to keep track of reservations and guest information.

How Can Ezyinn Help Me?

Ezyinn has made a Property Management System (PMS) that makes it easier for hotels to fill their rooms. The system has many benefits and features, such as:

  • Information about reservations and availability in real-time
  • Taking care of payments all at once
  • Reporting and analysis tools that are easy to use

The Ezyinn cloud-based PMS gets made to help hotels handle everything from bookings and check-ins to billing and marketing. Our system for managing properties is easy to use, and it can be changed to fit your needs. See us at Ezyinn or call us at (408)20715-3635 to learn more.


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