What Are The Most Important Features of Hotel Property Management System?

Hotel Property Management System

A property management system, or PMS system, is an increasingly useful tool in contemporary hotels, assisting owners and other staff members with a variety of tasks. Nevertheless, with more PMS software on the market than ever, it is crucial to understand which features are most important to make the best choice.

What is a PMS System?

A property management system is a type of hotel software that assists with day-to-day tasks and operations at hotels, resorts, and similar establishments. Management and administrative tasks, such as reservations, payment processing, performance analysis, and inventory management, are typical examples.

Why Every Hotel Needs a PMS System?

Modern hospitality is technology-driven, so a PMS hotel solution is becoming increasingly vital. With bookings coming in from multiple channels, prices needing to be adjusted intelligently for revenue management, and customer service is a 24/7 operation, PMS software can aid in overcoming these obstacles.

A good property management system will enable hotel staff to eliminate paperwork and perform critical tasks more efficiently. Moreover, a PMS system can aid in reducing room vacancies and double bookings.

4 Most Important Features of a PMS System

  1. Reservations
    Your property management system should first and foremost be able to manage hotel reservations. This reservation system should be able to integrate with all booking channels and provide your staff with access to the most recent inventory information.
    This indicates that employees should be able to use the PMS to determine which rooms are reserved and when. Some PMS systems also offer similar functionality for other hotel services, whereas hotels that are part of a chain may require access to reservation data from their entire property portfolio.
  1. Front-Desk Operations
    Your PMS software should also enable front desk personnel to perform various essential tasks. Exceptionally, hotel staff should be able to use the property’s software to access up-to-date information regarding reservations and the status of individual rooms, and this data should be manually updatable.
    Therefore, front desk employees should be able to assist guests with room changes and update room information. The staff should also be able to check guests in and out and distribute key cards manually.
  1. Channel Manager
    Hotels generally need to distribute their properties through various channels to remain competitive. Indeed, hotel rooms can be sold via the hotel’s website, over the phone, and online travel agencies. Therefore, the various channels must be effectively managed.
    The best hotel management software will include channel management capabilities, ensuring that rooms are accessible across multiple channels and that inventory data is always up-to-date. Some PMS systems integrate with third-party global distribution systems, whereas others offer direct channel management functionality.
  1. Revenue Management
    The revenue management functionality of your hotel management software is another important feature. This can help hotel managers and other staff evaluate the hotel’s performance using key performance indicators such as ADR (average daily rate), RevPAR (revenue per available room), and GOPPAR (gross profit per available room).
    Additionally, a quality PMS system will provide rate plan management. Simply put, this will enable hotels to rapidly create and implement room rate plans, making it easier for managers to respond to fluctuations in demand. These modifications may be attributable to the season, local events, and other external factors.


In conclusion, a good hotel PMS can significantly impact revenue. By automating tasks, providing better tools for communication and collaboration, and giving managers more visibility into the operations, a hotel PMS can help the staff works more efficiently and effectively. If you’re interested in seeing how a hotel PMS can boost your staff’s productivity, contact (408) 715-3635) at Ezyinn and schedule a demo.


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