Why Hotels Are Investing In New Hotel PMS Systems In 2023?

New Hotel PMS Systems In 2023 | Ezyinn PMS

The hotel industry as a whole has taken a new approach to technology. As a result of labor shortages and other factors, more property managers rely on technology to run their properties more efficiently. Nonetheless, as digitalizing operations becomes more prevalent, more and more hoteliers are becoming aware of the limitations of their property-management system and how dependent they are on better service from their vendors. Many of the most important digital capabilities necessitate a hotel PMS that can communicate with multiple departments and can be accessed remotely via mobile devices.

Sixty-nine percent of respondents indicated that they are adding, upgrading, or switching property-management system suppliers this year. This number is 15 percent higher than that of those seeking to replace their revenue-management system, indicating that hoteliers are finally recognizing what they are lacking in terms of modern hotel PMS capabilities. These advantages are even more important for independent operators who lack the support of a major brand.

Advantages Of The Latest Hotel PMS

  1. Mobile Reservations Systems
    Hotels utilizing a contemporary hotel PMS are able to provide their guests with an enhanced mobile reservation system that is supported by online pre-check-in services and a dependable pre-payment portal. These features have enhanced the room reservation experience on both sides of the front desk, with operators benefiting from more precise pre-check-in data. Guests gain the freedom to book and manage their rooms according to their own preferences.
    In addition, hotels can use digital registration cards to confirm and accept terms and conditions during check-in, all of which can be viewed directly on a tablet by hotel staff anywhere on the property. Guests utilizing mobile registration cards can also update their personal data, such as email addresses and signatures, which are securely stored and immediately accessible.
  1. Mobile Check In
    Mobile check-in was popular prior to the pandemic, and although it is no longer required for operations, it has remained a draw for guests who want to self-serve or at least have the option to do so. Today, technology is nearly ubiquitous in successful hotels.
    Mobile check-in benefits operators because guests who utilize the service are diverted away from the front desk, allowing hoteliers to focus on other tasks and reducing congestion. A modern hotel PMS can provide travelers with a mobile key capable of transforming their devices into guestroom keys, thereby streamlining check-in for all guests and ensuring a consistent experience across properties.
  1. Contactless Payments
    Contactless payments are an element of the contactless technology movement that has cemented its place in consumer behavior. It is expected that every hotel, regardless of chain size, brand affiliation, or management group, will accept contactless payments. Equally important, hotel PMS providers must be able to accept payments in installments for future stays. The booking engine of the hotel can be modified to accommodate pay-for-stay-over-time models.


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